Guide to healthy looking, glowing skin in the eye-area.

Solving the right skin problem with specific ingredients will bring guaranteed results. And no makeup will be needed to cover the imperfection:

Dark circles - what works?

Circulation - lighten the circles. Any eye care which boosts circulation will help; for example, Microneedles Patches will improve circulation boost collagen and blood supply, which will lighten the dark circles. Any eye cream with caffeine may give you this effect.

 Puffy Bags?

Dermatologists recommend using eye area cooling devices (rollers, patches, masks), as the cooling action will help reduce puffiness. Certain natural plant extracts in eye care are extremely helpful for reducing puffy eye bags. Most know is plant-derived antioxidant extracts. 

Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Any antioxidant compounds neutralize aging free radicals in the body, lessen the risk of sunburn, boosting collagen in your skin. Using antioxidant eye care will bring the following results: younger-looking, protected healthy skin - anti-aging solid effect.

For example, the present study suggests that the extracts of Moringa oleifera have potent antioxidant activity against free radicals prevent oxidative damage to major biomolecules. It has seven times more vitamin C than oranges. Moringa has antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal, and anti-aging properties. Our cooling eye sheet mask is known for the strong, powerful effect of Moringa seed extract.

Redness and Irritation?

Given the thin, sensitive nature of skin here, it can take longer to recover. If you have sensitive skin, It’s important to avoid: fragrance, preservatives, or any chemicals. It's important to know what allergies you have to certain plants or chemicals.