Guide to Healthy-looking Eyes.

Essential to the firm - healthy skin around the eyes:

 Since the skin in the eye area lacks oil glands (our skin’s natural moisturizer), it can be more prone to dryness.

Imagine our skin as a grape. When it loses water, it starts to shrink, and wrinkles can appear. The hydration of skin around the eye daily is crucial for anti-aging.

Dermatologist tested that: «You need an eye cream that is specifically designed for eyelid skin.»

Why our face creams not good for the skin around eyes? It may contain active ingredients or harsh chemicals that may cause irritation and stress/damage for the thin skin under the eye; this harm may be harder to recover.

For example, parabens are known carcinogens, and they are also known to be hormone disruptors and neurotoxins. In short, they can change the way your body functions, and they’re not something you want around your eyes. You’re significantly increasing your risk of having a different type of eye issue because of it. Trust in the power of nature is healthier than 1-day results from chemicals.

It is better to use fewer ingredients, naturally derived ones and even better - fermented ones.

Natural Extracts Nutrients tend to heal skin safer way and address specific problems. Since fermented cosmetics use fermented natural ingredients, it is beneficial to all skin types, including sensitive ones. 

Fermented natural ingredients absorb into the skin more easily. And pretty much protects itself.

How it works: During fermentation microorganisms double active substances and break down molecular structure of substances to a size that is able to penetrate the skin more deeply and rapidly to boost the skin’s natural defense. Fermentation attracts attention for its powerful ability to break down toxic substances.

Could you ask for anything more?

Look for powerful ingredients that help remove free radicals in the skin that are triggered by UV radiation, smoking, and pollutants. Moreover, they may also help put a brake on the aging process.

Look for the following:

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • green tea
  • vitamin B-3